Meet YosPos380

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Meet Hercules. It’s unironically pretty awesome in that it emulates old mainframes but this is YosPos so let’s get on with it.

Once you figure out what you need you load hercules for the first time and look at this shit

Thankfully there’s a GUI interface that isn’t shit so we’ll use that. 


great its still shit, let just load a conf file (which tells hercules how many terminals to connect, tape drives, printers, dasd’s etc) and get started

I set this up using the MVS Turnkey and MVS380 shadow files. It was a disgusting pain in my ass. 

Ok, so I loaded the conf file and nothing. Oh right you gotta turn on the mainframe

still nothing… well now you have to connect a 3270 terminal,  I’ll just load the best, free one for XP

great! but pressing enter or anything on this screen gets me a beep…. because my mainframe still isn’t doing shit. It’s on but I haven’t told it to boot yet. I’ll just remedy that

now the mainframe is running, lemme check my 3270 console

that’s all you get cause eventhough I told the MF to boot I need to tell it to do more stuff from this, the master console (hence the r 00,cpla. But that was a typo, let’s try again with r 00,clpa)

at last something is happening!

my card punchers, DASDs etc all come online, great! Just look at all this shit thats going on

it’s even nicer from cathode


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