The Pride Parade Ends

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

Alright, let’s change the pride parade  logon screen:

through some research found out there’s a REXX script(?) to take an ASCII file and make it so lets try to do this.

Using the examples provided I changed the screen:

and ran the script:

The REXX file for those interested

which turned my nice screen in to the ASM needed

Luckily I found out that there’s a JCL file to make the change I needed to make. And even better its available in the JCL folder so I can edit it in a modern editor instead of that line-by-line editor. I just replace the assembly already in there and we’re ready to go:

the JCL for those who are curious

Alright, so we got JCL, otherwise known as Job Control, file now we just need to upload it. Since this is the mainframe world you can’t just FTP, oh no, you use IND$FILE:

So let’s do this, you enter transfer on x3270 which asks you a bunch on questions

and transfers the file to a dataset on the mainframe

So it was at this point I was starting to feel confident, 2.5 days with this monster and I new enough to upload the file, browse to it using RPF and then submit the job to be run

goddamnit, it was at this point that I was about the rage quit when I though about just running it through the “command prompt”, not expecting it to work but whatever


lets reboot VTAM, but I don’t know how to do that, probably “v net” on the master console or something. Anyway, I just reboot the mainframe and here we go:

next up


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