Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

So I heard someone had made klingon playable on MVS 380 so I downloaded their files and powered on the mainframe and logged on

First launching my ever reliable TN3270 emulator

whoa wrong IPL, lemme IPL the right one

after a bit…

this looks awful, after some research I found out I can customize this screen, 10 mins and an ASCII generator and here we go

now thats a welcome screen.

Alright so we got the right one but it still shows the default logon screen, let’s change that to something better

ahh much better

so we log on with the default account herc01, how boring let’s make a yospos account

and change the password

so we log off and back on with yospos and browse on over to the dataset with klingon (just to confirm it’s there)

we then exit and at the TSO “prompt” we type KLIGNON, we get some nice graphics that I’m too slow to capture but you can see them in this tape file

So here we are

who needs instructions

a new game because I’ve never launched it before but I know I’ll be great at it

and we start the game

to be honest this is the best looking game I’ve seen on the mainframe, I’m actually surprised by this. I didn’t read the instructions so I don’t know what the fuck is happening but still, a decent game I guess. Better than Chess for sure.


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