Saturday, February 18th, 2012

So today let’s talk about Mainframe security. 

Those of you not in the know, so about 97% of YosPos, mainframes didn’t initially come with any security of any kind. So about mid 1970 RACF was released and the people rejoiced because now they could finally limit access to things like datasets, resources.. whatever. The problem, it was made by, for, and of, spergs. But because the system we emulate is such an old shit box it doesn’t come with racf but the much older SYS1.UADS. 

Let’s launch our TN3270 emulator and I’ll show you what I mean

then we just logon as yospos

and here we…

Uh oh… that’s not good… wait I hear the printer

Cos what?


I’ve been infected

Cos Log


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