Debian in Hercules

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Installing Linux on the mainframe is too hard you say?

It’s not so bad. All you do it get the files you need (there’s only three files you need from debian’s site). Create two fake DASD files and startup the emulator.

Then, we just turn on the mainframe

and tell it to IPL 000c (which is the card reader, which the startup files for Debian/390 is in)

To which it boots a normal-ish looking debian install

you basically just setup the networking and then tell it a password to connect and finish the install

it looks no different than a normal install

where you select the harddrives and format them

install the packages you wanted

and setup the default user

Then you reboot, and IPL the DASD you installed this shit on and…


anyway, there, Linux running on z/OS emulator. Maybe I’ll fuck around with this later

Any other requests? This was actually a nice challenge. I guess I could try and setup VM or DOS…


2 comments on “Debian in Hercules

  1. Marcelo says:

    So can you install SICS DB2 and all these kind of things there like zOS ? I m not mainframe admin, just a linux sysadmin, and I was looking a way to have on my debian 3390 an dev env…

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