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**dot matrix printer noise**

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

So we tried klingon and had no idea what the hell was going on. But when you look at it on CBT tape it sounds like it’s the sequel to startrek. 

Now I’m pretty sure startrek is installed but lets see. First we need to connect with a TN3270, luckily I found a freeware one.

So we just browse on over to SYS1.CMDPROC

And there we go, STARINIT, STARTREK and STARRANK, let’s give this thing a try….

we exit back to the prompt and type ‘starinit’ to get everything setup

and we run startrek to give it a sh-


maybe I can fix this, taking a look at the launch script…

welp.. just so this isn’t a shit update (hint: they’re all shit) let’s upload and execute a job that will print on my printer. 

So, we make a job

and then, using the built in FTP server, we upload it and execute it using AAINTRDR

it executed the job and after giving the printer a bit of time….


So, being the classy guy I am on this historical operating system that deserves our respect and addoration, what else would I do…

How I really feel about mainframes

Check out the whole printed job log: YOSGOAT.PDF, you have know idea the level of satisfaction I get from feeding through that garbage through this ancient OS. 

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